“Choosing Doula Training: 3 ‘C’s to Consider for Success”

I’m Brittany Fadiora, the founder of BEAM Birth Network—an innovative and bold doula training organization. I’m here to support you in a pivotal decision by offering you three factors to consider when deciding on a doula training program. 

My journey, shaped by over six immersive years of birth work and seven years as a dedicated doula trainer, has endowed me with a distinctive perspective. This perspective has been honed into a unique training curriculum, one that reflects my values and insights. I was inspired to curate a doula training teaching direct-entry doula skills rooted in entrepreneurship. It’s a curriculum tailored to embrace all learning styles and to provide unwavering support to aspiring doulas. While my trainings hold a special place in my heart, I recognize that they may not be a perfect fit for everyone’s journey.
In this article, I extend direct guidance, leading you through the critical ‘C’s to consider.
Certification & Accreditation
Let me share a well-kept secret within the doula community: formal birth doula training and certification are not prerequisites for calling yourself a doula. If one has a background in the medical field, social work, or has a variety of personal birth experiences combined with self-guided learning, they could be a successful doula.
Yet, before you dismiss the idea of training, consider this: while certification isn’t an absolute requirement, it holds transformative potential. Enrolling in a comprehensive training program can help you save time by avoiding common pitfalls, establish unwavering trust with both clients and colleagues, and immerse you in a network of like-minded companions.
Certified…accredited …these words often give a sense of security, assuring us that we’re not falling into a potential scam. However, it’s essential to recognize that some prominent doula training organizations have garnered a reputation for becoming financial sinkholes, holding your well-deserved certification hostage with never-ending fees. In light of this, let’s move to our next pivotal factor: cost.
If you don’t already have a secure position lined up, anticipate allocating 1-2k to kickstart your doula business; this doesn’t even include training costs. As you delve into your research, make certain that you’re selecting a training that imparts comprehensive doula skills and equips you to maintain a sustainable doula business. These elements are intertwined; the ability to be a doula and the acumen to manage your business are linked.
Entering birth work often stems from pure passion and a drive to make an impact, sometimes blinding us to the reality ahead. With this in mind, let’s transition to our next essential consideration: commitment.
I saved the best for last. The most important thing to consider is your commitment. Consider if becoming a doula is the best fit for you and your family. Take time to speak with a few doulas to gain honest insight into the highs and lows. Consider transitioning into an entrepreneurial lifestyle and owning a small business. There are many opportunities in the birth industry that offer a more steady income and lifestyle if birth doula work isn’t in the cards for you.
Your dedication is what matters most. This is huge: take a breather and think about whether the doula path truly aligns with your personal goals and your family’s needs. Get real-talk insights from actual doulas. Imagine this: you’re not just stepping into doula shoes; you will be diving into the world of entrepreneurship and small business ownership as well. There are many opportunities within the birth community that offer financial and lifestyle stability if you decide it’s not your season for birth doula work. Your commitment is the secret sauce here, no matter what training you decide on.
In a nutshell, keep in mind that the realm of birth work is dynamic and always evolving. As a birth doula, you’ll forever be seeking new chances for ongoing learning. I trust this has been insightful, and who knows, maybe our paths will cross in one of my upcoming trainings or workshops 😉.

Brittany Fadiora

Doula & Founder BEAM Birth Network