Reimagining Empowerment: Doula Trainings that Disrupt the Ordinary


“At BEAM, our mission is to demystify birth support and foster a new generation of empowered community doulas. We are committed to cultivating doulas who are not only confident and competent but also independent thinkers. Through our customized and tailored doula trainings, we disrupt the norm of large profit-driven doula training organizations. Our focus is clear: to provide immersive training experiences that nurture the growth and diversity of doulas within every community.”

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Elevating Together: We collaborate with like-minded organizations passionate about nurturing the next generation of Doulas. Together, we’re reshaping birth support and empowering families across communities. Join us in creating a meaningful impact through partnership.


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I am so extremely grateful for Brittany and the BEAM team. The training structure was easy to follow, the hands-on experience prepared me for the 10 clients whom I’ve successfully served (and even my own birth, which was fully natural with the help of Brittany’s training). My favorite part of the program is that it’s holistic, ensuring that we’d be stable out in the workforce after training is over. Brittany has mentored me not only as a doula, but as a young mother/mompreneur. I’ve implemented much of her advice, and my clients are very happy with me. Happy to be a BEAM-trained doula! 🙂

Courtney Williams

Doula Advocate, Public Speaker

BEAM was chosen to help create, develop and implement the Stronger Together Doula Support for Black American Women with Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Palm Beach County due to their rich experience in providing support to women who were seeking to become a trained DOULA.  
Brittany was hired as a Consultant to launch the pilot program here at HMHB. She has been an integral part of creating this program.  Her expertise as a Doula and Consultant has been an asset in successfully launching our program and training to date 33 Black American Doulas and growing.  

Angelique Francois

Program Director, HMHB Stronger Together Doula Support for African American Women

Becoming a Doula had always been a desire of mine, I was immensely grateful when I earn the opportunity to become a Doula through the training program with Beam. Brittany Fadiora is well-organized, heartfelt, and passionate about birth work. She brings an insurmountable amount of experience both as a birth worker and as a mother. I am forever happy to have become certified as a Birth and Postpartum Doula with Beam and Brittany. Brittany definitely understands the sisterhood created by becoming a Doula.

Paulette ReeseHeart


“The doula trainings provided by BEAM equipped me with the necessary skills to be a successful doula. BEAM trainings prepared me to be able to take what I learned and apply it to any situation being that every family dynamic will be different, every birth will be different, and every provider will be different. Since completing the trainings, I have successfully assisted in eight births, obtained my certification to be a certified lactation counselor, and I have also been promoted to Doula Certification Coordinator within my agency. I highly recommend Beam doula trainings for their professionalism and knowledge training future doulas”.

LaToya Rawls 

HMHBPBC Doula Certification Coordinator

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