Birth Education Advocacy Mentorship

How we got our start

In 2019, Brittany Fadiora established B.E.A.M. Birth Network (Birth Education Advocacy & Mentorship). At that time, Fadiora held the position of Director of Doula Affairs for Mumda, the largest doula agency in Florida. Drawing from her extensive experience in the doula field, Fadiora recognized a pressing need for revamping doula training methods.

Although doulas were entering the agency with training and certification from well-regarded organizations, they often lacked the essential confidence, knowledge, support, and skill set required to excel as birth doulas in the delivery room. Despite numerous doulas attending birth doula training sessions annually, a substantial number abandoned their practice as birth doulas within just two years.

Initiated as an exclusive training and apprenticeship program for Mumda Doulas, the Mumda training program gained immense popularity. This initiative has since evolved into the comprehensive BEAM Birth Doula Skills Training, now accessible to doulas beyond the Mumda network.

Our company 

Currently BEAM provides private customized doula trainings for specialized communities, organizations and groups. We have learned that customized trainings produce unique Doulas to serve the need of unique communities. We specialize in training Doulas to be community leaders , successful entrepreneurs along side their doula journey

About our community

“At BEAM, our mission is to demystify birth support and foster a new generation of empowered community doulas. We are committed to cultivating doulas who are not only confident and competent but also independent thinkers. Through our customized and tailored doula trainings, we disrupt the norm of large profit-driven doula training organizations. Our focus is clear: to provide immersive training experiences that nurture the growth and diversity of doulas within every community.”

About the Founder

Brittany Fadiora, a dedicated wife and mother of five, is a seasoned professional with a remarkable track record in program building and consulting within the doula training landscape. Based in Florida, her expertise spans over a decade, during which she has made significant contributions to the development and growth of doula training programs and organizations.

As a Mompreneur, Brittany adeptly balances her family responsibilities with her passion for empowering families through support and education. Her program-building skills, coupled with her strong foundation in managing staff, problem-solving, and conflict resolution, make her a sought-after figure in the doula community. Brittany’s skills in public speaking, effective communication, and attention to detail ensure that she consistently delivers high-quality training experiences.

Current Engagements:

  • Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition of Palm Beach County (Doula Program Consultant): Since September 2021, Brittany has been collaborating with the Program Director to strategize and implement pilot project plans that align with project outcomes. Serving as a liaison with local hospitals, she actively enhances program recruitment efforts. Brittany’s role includes planning and executing training-related activities, maintaining essential data, and ensuring the overall success of the pilot project.

  • BEAM FLA LLC. (Founder, Owner): Since December 2019, Brittany has been a driving force in developing skill-based training and workshops tailored for doulas and birth workers. Her leadership in designing comprehensive training curricula and facilitating workshops positions her as a sought-after consultant in the doula training realm. Her partnership with the National Doula Association for credentialing and collaboration with the Northeast Florida Healthy Start Coalition further underscores her commitment to program building.

  • MUMDA LLC (Owner): Through Mumda LLC, Brittany continues her mission to empower families through support and education. Her program-building skills shine as she franchise-structured Mumda, expanded into e-commerce, and established a transformative postpartum department.

  • Business Consulting Services Consultant: Brittany leverages her expertise to consult with hospitals, birth centers, and emerging birth practices. Her contributions include training hospital RNs in skill-based techniques and serving as a subject matter expert on birth practices, especially within the doula spher

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