Birth Education Advocacy Mentorship

B.E.A.M. Birth Network (Birth Education Advocacy & Mentorship) was founded in 2019 by Brittany Fadiora. Fadiora was currently fulfilling the role of Director of Doula Doula Affairs for Mumda, the largest doula agency in Florida. With years of experience in the doula business Fadiora saw a need for reform in the way doulas were being trained. Doulas were joining the agency trained and or certified by notable doula certifying organizations. However they were lacking the confidence, knowledge, support and skill set it took to perform in the birth room as a birth doula. Many doulas attend birth doula trainings each year but very few continue on to practice as birth doulas beyond 2 years. The Mumda training and apprenticeship program, that was once for only reserved for Mumda Doulas started to become wildly popular and grew into what is now known as the BEAM Birth Doula Skills Training and is accessible to all doulas.


BEAM is dedicated to demystify birth support by producing community doulas to decrease the maternal and infant mortality rates in Florida.


BEAM exists to ensure immersive doula trainings dedicated to the development of diverse doulas in every florida community

Brittany Fadiora
Founder & Instructor

Megan Kahn

Paige Joseph


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