verify a doula
Welcome to our doula verification page. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the stringent standards we uphold for our certified doulas. Through our randomized audits, and background checks we ensure strict adherence to our practice guidelines and unwavering code of ethics.
We kindly request a 24-hour grace period to provide you with the current status of the mentioned doula.
The provided details will encompass:
  • Certification Title
  • Date Certified
  • Status

Explanation of Statuses:

  • Active: The doula is in complete alignment with our certification standards.
  • Inactive: The doula underwent our training but has not fulfilled maintenance requirements or responded to randomized audits.
  • Revoked: The doula’s certification has been withdrawn due to violations of our code of ethics, standards of practice, or unresolved client grievances.
 If you represent an insurance company or organization seeking verification, kindly submit the verification form to [email protected]
verify a doula