How long is the birth doula training?


BEAM’s birth doula training consists of 2, 6-8 hour days. The virtual version consists of 4, 2 hour days.  


What does birth doula training cost include?


The price for birth doula training includes your initial training, materials and associated certification cost. After you have participated in and attended all sessions and passed the exit exam. You will receive a conditional birth doula certification. 


What is needed to maintain my birth doula certification?


In the first year after receiving your conditional certification you are required to turn in 3 birth review forms, 3 book report review forms or 3 approved podcast reviews and watch and review 3 workshops. *The price of 3 workshop recordings is covered in your initial birth doula training fee.  


To maintain your certification after your initial year you will need to submit 3 book report review forms or approved podcast reviews and watch, review and submit 3 workshop review forms. The workshop fees are not included.  


Is the virtual birth doula training the same as the in person training ?


Our virtual birth doula training material is the same as our in person training. The only difference is you will complete activities on your own in between sessions.  


I’m not sure if I want to become a doula. 


Becoming a doula is a serious commitment and will require continuous investment into yourself beyond our training. If you are unsure we recommend our birth advocate training as a starting place.  


What can I expect after I pay my deposit for training ?


After completing the application and paying your deposit for training you can expect an email within 3 days including pre-work and details of your training.