Our donation based doulas have completed doula training and have met all the requirements to support you and your family. Please answer the following questions so that we may put you in contact with a donation based doula(s) available for your due date.

Donation Doula Inquiry Form

Josylynn Varela

Hi! My name is Josylynn and I became a birth doula to help advocate for birthing people in the labor environment. My hope is to provide each individual with empowerment, advocacy and the proper education before and while giving birth. Every birth deserves a doula and I can’t wait to be there for yours!

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Hello!  My name is Emily and I am a trained birth doula.  As a doula, my main goal is to help my clients feel supported physically, mentally and emotionally during their pregnancy, labor and birth.  I strive to provide evidence-based education and information for all families so they can confidently make decisions.  I would be honored to support you on your journey!

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tyshana johnson

Tyshana is your doula who has a philosophy that we can enrich our existence through marrying both the science and the spirit of life.  She is committed to empowering and supporting you in your unique journey of birthing your legacy.

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I am a certified Birth Doula. I have been working with children for 14 years. My goal is to empower women by educating them and supporting them though the birth process so that they can make the right choices for their families. I’m passionate about helping mothers build a  strong bond with their baby and making a lasting impact in their lives. In my personal time, I enjoy going on road trips, spending time with friends and family, going to the movies, and being active.

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Hello; I am Angela Peterson and becoming a birth doula is my life’s
My goal is to come alongside the mother in support, advocacy and beyond during her pregnancy and delivery. The birthing
experience is the mother and baby’s journey together. When they are able to come in
oneness with each other that makes for a “Glorious Birthing Experience”.

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As a Doula I will provide consistent and continuous, culturally appropriate support, emotionally, physically, spiritually and above all informatively in order to protect and nurture the birth experience.

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